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XPs defining biological processes in terms of cellular components; example:

id: GO:0010020 ! chloroplast fission
intersection_of: GO:0048285  ! organelle fission
intersection_of: OBO_REL:results_in_division_of GO:0009507 ! chloroplast

i.e. chloroplast fission =def organelle fission THAT results_in_division_of chloroplast


See the go/scratch/xps directory

This xp file has been registered in the OBO xps metadata so it is available here:


An initial parse was made using Obol. The results were then manually vetted by cjm, and new xp defs manually added

mitochondrial X

Terms of the form "mitochondrial X" are typically defined as

* An X that unfolds_in a mitochondrion

Here unfolds_in is a relation between a process and the location of the participants throughout the process


id: GO:0000963 ! mitochondrial RNA processing
intersection_of: GO:0006396 ! RNA processing
intersection_of: OBO_REL:unfolds_in GO:0005739 ! mitochondrion

See this sf item for clarification on RNA processing terms

biogenesis, organization etc

Awaiting clarification. See:


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