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XPs defining biological processes in terms of cellular components; example:

id: GO:0010020 ! chloroplast fission
intersection_of: GO:0048285  ! organelle fission
intersection_of: OBO_REL:results_in_division_of GO:0009507 ! chloroplast

id: GO:0043572 ! plastid fission
intersection_of: GO:0048285  ! organelle fission
intersection_of: OBO_REL:results_in_division_of GO:0009536 ! plastid


This allows a reasoner to compute the is_a relation between the two BP terms (based on the definition and the is_a relation between the CCs)


See the go/scratch/xps directory

This xp file has been registered in the OBO xps metadata so it is available here:


An initial parse was made using Obol. The results were then manually vetted by cjm, and new xp defs manually added

mitochondrial X

Terms of the form "mitochondrial X" are typically defined as

* An X that unfolds_in a mitochondrion

Here unfolds_in is a relation between a process and the location of the participants throughout the process


id: GO:0000963 ! mitochondrial RNA processing
intersection_of: GO:0006396 ! RNA processing
intersection_of: OBO_REL:unfolds_in GO:0005739 ! mitochondrion

See this sf item for clarification on RNA processing terms

Cellular X

Cellular X means X is executed at the level of the cell.

See sf item for clarification

For now we define cellular X using the has_level relation, but this is difficult to define

biogenesis, organization etc

Awaiting clarification. See: Cellular_component_processes

Existing xp defs may be changed once this is resolved

The current plan is to get replace "organization and biogenesis" with "organization". See above page for details.

export terms


id: GO:0000056 ! ribosomal small subunit export from nucleus
intersection_of: GO:0051168 ! nuclear export
intersection_of: OBO_REL:results_in_transport_of GO:0015935 ! small ribosomal subunit

id: GO:0006608 ! snRNP protein import into nucleus
intersection_of: GO:0006606 ! protein import into nucleus
intersection_of: OBO_REL:results_in_transport_of GO:0030532 ! small nuclear ribonucleoprotein complex

id: GO:0006626 ! protein targeting to mitochondrion
intersection_of: GO:0006605 ! protein targeting
intersection_of: OBO_REL:results_in_transport_to GO:0005739 ! mitochondrion


GO:0016043-cellular component organization GO:0022411-cellular component disassembly GO:0022607-cellular component assembly GO:0031555-transcriptional attenuation GO:0051168-nuclear export
GO:0005840-ribosome GO:0042254-ribosome biogenesisresults_in_organization_of GO:0032790-ribosome disassemblyOBO_REL:results_in_breakdown_of GO:0042255-ribosome assemblyOBO_REL:results_in_formation_of GO:0031556-transcriptional attenuation by ribosomeOBO_REL:mediated_by GO:0000054-ribosome export from nucleusOBO_REL:results_in_transport_of GO:0005840-ribosome
GO:0015934-large ribosomal subunit GO:0042273-ribosomal large subunit biogenesisresults_in_organization_of GO:0000055-ribosomal large subunit export from nucleusOBO_REL:results_in_transport_of GO:0015934-large ribosomal subunit
GO:0015935-small ribosomal subunit GO:0042274-ribosomal small subunit biogenesisresults_in_organization_of GO:0000056-ribosomal small subunit export from nucleusOBO_REL:results_in_transport_of GO:0015935-small ribosomal subunit
GO:0033279-ribosomal subunit GO:0042257-ribosomal subunit assemblyOBO_REL:results_in_formation_of GO:0033279-ribosomal subunit
GO:0016043-cellular component organization GO:0022411-cellular component disassembly GO:0022607-cellular component assembly GO:0031555-transcriptional attenuation GO:0051168-nuclear export


Missing Parentage Reports

Curator Notes


Committed some updates today:

  • updated alt_ids to ids:
    • 18994 -> 43186
    • 32842 -> 42575
  • updated GO term names
  • started adding comments on individual xps

Matters and questions arising

I'm checking to make sure it's OK to change results_in_organization_of to results_in_structural_organization_of; the latter is in ro_test.obo. It does seem to be OK in general in that the definition of the parent 'cellular component organization' is consistent with the relation def, but I'll also look at each xp that uses this relation.

Q: The xps also use has_level (see 'cellular x' above), which isn't in ro.obo or ro_test.obo, and I'm not as sure what to do about it.

update (18 Nov): emailed Chris to ask about relations without typedef stanzas in general, because it affects various things in OE (including the Graphviz viewer, as in this bug report

Q: Is it correct to use unfolds_in for terms such as mitochondrial ornithine transport, when the transport def is "into, out of or within" the CC?

update (18 Nov): emailed Chris thusly:

The bp-xp-cc file has several entries for '[some organelle] transport' terms, e.g.

id: GO:0000066 ! mitochondrial ornithine transport
intersection_of: GO:0015822 ! ornithine transport
intersection_of: OBO_REL:unfolds_in GO:0005739 ! mitochondrion

The def of GO:0000066, however, is "The directed movement of ornithine, 2,5-diaminopentanoic
acid, into, out of or within a mitochondrion."

It seems incorrect to use unfolds_in when the transport def is "into, out of or within" the CC
-- the unfolds_in def says "the execution of P is spatially contained by C", and that doesn't
seem to cover the "into" or "out of" bits. I guess the actual differentiae would be (unfolds_in
GO:0005739 OR results_in_transport_to GO:0005739 OR results_in_transport_from 
GO:0005739) ... but is that possible/allowable/desirable?

Q: I've put in a bug report about how OBO-Edit 1 and 2 handle unrecognized relations (differently annoyingly) -- OBO-Edit 1.101 failed to load the file, reporting "unrecognized type results_in_organization_of", whereas OBO-Edit 2beta50 loads everything and automagically converts the results_in_organization_of relation to is_a in the cross-product panel. This worries me ... is it really the desired behavior?

Less pressing matters:

RO and ro_test.obo aren't consistent w.r.t. derives_from, which makes OBO-Edit throw a warning. I've ignored it for now, since derives_from is in RO, but would like to know which to use when these xps go live.

Even smaller thing: the inverse_of tags on the obsolete relations has_improper_part and improper_part_of cause an OE warning. Ignored.