14 JAN 2014 PAINT Conference Call

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1. New release of PAINT v69. that supporta the new version of PANTHER tree (v.9.0)
- Karen reported a protein of saving the notes. Notes are not loaded correctly when the new tree is loaded. Will go offline with Suzi to discuss about it.
- Huaiyu mentioned that when he used the new version to opened the curated trees in svn, sometimes the previous paint-curations were not loaded correctly. Suzi would like to see it on a screen share.
- We should use the paint v69 for all curations now.
- The curation (gaf file) of the previously curated families should be updated. Suzi will be responsible for writing the program to do it.

2. Curation progress

3. Karen mentioned about trees that were not curatable due to missing sequences or bad trees. Everyone agreed to follow the following procedure to record the problem. The purpose is to inform the PANTHER group about the problem so it can be fixed in the next release. It also prevent other curators from opening and curating the family.

- The curator will use control vocabulary to record the problem in the notes. Right now there are three types: MISSING SEQUENCE, MISSING ANNOTATION, BAD TREE. Eventually this will be coded in PAINT notes field to avoid typos by curators. This will be updated on the PAINT User Guide.
- The curator will only commit the .txt file for those families to svn.
- A script will be written by the PANTHER group to parse out the notes for their next release.