14 JUNE 2011 RefGen Phone Conference (Archived)

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  • Pascale dictyBase
  • Stan RGD
  • Emily and GOA
  • Chris BBOP
  • Judy MGI
  • Kimberly Wormbase
  • Ruth BHF-UCL
  • Varsha BHF-UCL
  • Dmitry MGI
  • Bren EcoliWiki
  • Petra dictyBase
  • Mike P-POD
  • Li MGI
  • Mary MGI
  • Donghui TAIR
  • Brenley EcoHub/GOnuts
  • Rama SGD


  1. In July we'll have a jamboree on transcription factors
  2. Brenley will set up the GOnuts soon - in advance for the jamboree
  3. Karen to share the 'annotation manual' for transcription factors

Progress on Transcription factors annotation: reports on progress, and on use of the new terms

Varsha and Pascale

  • MGI has updated most of their TF annotations (BP); due to limited resources, they have not done the MF updates.
  • GOA is trying to do the updates but it's taking a lot of resources

Recent additions to QuickGO


  • Beta version of a QuickGO display of the changes made to the GO ontology over time now available both for specific terms, for example for apoptosis as well as for all terms from here

- anyone have suggestions for display improvements?

This provides complementatary information to Amelia's term definition change display

Call for volunteers to adopt a GO annotation guidance page

then click on the Documentation link and then mouse over on Annotaiton.

Feedback on GO_annotation_fields_required_for_correct_display


Tanya: I would prefer that the date is essential and the assigned by is recommended (rather than essential). I think it's more important to know how old an annotation is than to know who made it.