19 January 2016 PAINT Conference Call

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PAINT conference call minutes, January 19th, 2016


Agenda and Minutes


Present: Huaiyu, Karen, Moni

Today's notes:

  • Is touch up already completed so we can begin committing families?
  • PAINT calls are not very useful. Progress is not made unless Suzi and Paul are on the call - families don't require their input, but things like bugs and the touchup script require their presence.
  • Suggestion to take a break from presenting families and just relegate to doing calls only on software issues. Meet as needed, and make sure that Paul and Suzi will be around. The issue could be raised via email, but tracking issues on GitHub will likely be more appropriate and will receive a response more promptly.

Moving on:

  1. Write your concerns and questions on a GitHub issue
  2. Discuss and reach consensus on GH
  3. Meet on conference call as needed to discuss software issues
  4. Biology issues will be discussed over email will be addressed on GO-discuss, as we have been doing. Meetings as needed.
  5. Need to corroborate with Pascale whether we are ready to check families again.