1 Jun 2021 PAINT Conference Call

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Pascale, Marc, Paul, Anushya, Dustin, Huaiyu


How will PAINT handle GP2term relations

NOT annotation issues


IBA Release notes

Taxon constraints in PAINT

  • How they currently affect PAINT objects
    • Experimental annotations - considered valid to use for IBD evidence if no TC violation
    • IBDs - will be obsoleted if IBD itself violates a TC or if it loses all experimental evidence due to TC checks in step #1
    • TCVs - created in the family trees from the TCs and used to block propagation of IBAs
  • Tool logic vs validator (batch process) logic?
    • Should rules and effects be consistent between curator actions in the tool vs the monthly validator runs?
      • Ex: Curator is allowed to create an IBD in violation (with a warning) but validator doesn't allow this and will obsolete later. Maybe this is a nonsensical example?
  • Taxon constraint violations in PAINT spreadsheet