2012 Stanford Annotation Meeting Logistics

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GOC Annotation Meeting at Stanford, 26-28th February, 2012. Starting Sunday at 11:00am and ending Tuesday at 4:00pm. Lunch will not be served, please pick up a sandwich before you arrive.


Final Agenda


Meeting will be held at the Cardinal Room, Clubhouse (adjacent to the White Memorial Plaza), 524 Lasuen Mall, Stanford University

There will be a GOC group dinner on Feb 26th (Sunday) at Mike Cherry's residence.
Walking map from the meeting to Mike's house: 921 Casanueva Place, Stanford (650-813-1326)
Time: 5:30pm

Maps & Parking

Stanford University maps

Parking is available next to the Student Union, the Y shaped building, off of Mayfield Ave. Map Parking on Sunday is free however you'll need to pay during the week days.

Campus Shuttle (Marguerite)

Free campus shuttle from downtown Palo Alto is available. The Palo Alto Train Station is the closest stop to the Cardinal Hotel. Get off the bus at the Tresidder Student Union stop. There are two routes that work X (counter-clockwise) and Y (clockwise) around the campus.

A variety of maps for the Marguerite Shuttle are available.

Realtime Shuttle Bus Service. The Stanford Marguerite Shuttle is free.


  1. Please indicate if you will be attending this meeting in the table below. This is important so we can make the appropriate room and food arrangement. We will provide toll free telephone & WebEx for remote attendees.
  2. No Registration Fee. The meeting will be sponsored by the Cherry Lab and the Department of Genetics, Stanford University.

Remote Attenddees

We will use the GO conference line.
Toll-free USA number 1-866-953-9688 (US Toll number 1-212-548-2460 in case of problems with 866 number)
Toll-free UK 0808 238 6001 (toll number: 646 834-9311)
Toll-free Switzerland 0800 562 830 (toll number: 646 834-9311)

Participant Pin: (801-561)

Travel Reimbursement

For those seeking travel funding, please contact Ashley Stanton (Judy's assistant at MGI).
Ashley Stanton, ashley.stanton@jax.org, 207-288-6332

Lodging Information

Five hotels are within a 15-20 minute walk to the meeting venue. Ordered below by price per night, lowest to highest.

  1. Hotel California $100/night
  2. Cardinal Hotel $free while rooms last. Room charges at this hotel will be paid by the Cherry Lab.
  3. Stanford Terrace Inn $190/night
  4. Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel $260/night
  5. Westin Palo Alto $260/night


These airports are both convenient to Palo Alto. There is public transit from the airports. A taxi will be expensive but there are shared vans for much less cost.


Group Photo
Name Organization Hotel Name Vegetarian (Y/N)
Rama Balakrishnan SGD (Stanford University) - Y
Mike Cherry SGD (Stanford University) - N
Stacia Engel SGD (Stanford University) Hotel California N
Ben Hitz SGD (Stanford University) - N
Judy Blake Jackson Laboratory Stanford Terrace Inn N
Paola Roncaglia GO Office at EBI Cardinal Hotel N
Kimberly Van Auken WormBase Cardinal Hotel Y
David Hill Jackson Laboratory Cardinal Hotel N
Li Ni Jackson Laboratory Cardinal Hotel N
Mary Dolan Jackson Laboratory Cardinal Hotel N
Chris Mungall LBL n/a Y
Suzanna Lewis LBL Stanford Terrace Inn N
Seth Carbon LBL Stanford Terrace Inn N
Heiko Dietze LBL Stanford Terrace Inn N
Susan Tweedie FlyBase Cardinal Hotel N
Doug Howe ZFIN Cardinal Hotel N
Ruth Lovering BHF-UCL Cardinal Hotel N
Emily Dimmer UniProt-GOA Cardinal Hotel N
Yasmin Alam-Faruque UniProt-GOA Cardinal Hotel Y, but can eat fish too
Prudence Mutowo UniProt-GOA Cardinal Hotel N
Jane Lomax EBI Cardinal Hotel N
Claire O'Donovan UniProt Cardinal Hotel gluten intolerant
Rolf Apweiler UniProt N
Harold Drabkin Jackson Laboratory Cardinal Hotel N
Varsha Khodiyar BHF-UCL Cardinal Hotel No beef
Valerie Wood PomBase Cardinal Hotel N
Eva Huala TAIR - N
Tanya Berardini TAIR - N
Donghui Li TAIR - N
Bob Muller TAIR - N
Petra Fey dictyBase Cardinal Hotel No red meat
Julie Park SGD (Stanford University) - N
Rajni Nigam RGD Cardinal Hotel Y
Peter D'Eustachio NYU - Reactome Hotel California N
Pascale Gaudet Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics N
Aurore Britan Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics N
Karen Christie SGD (Stanford University) n/a N
Cindy Krieger SGD (Stanford University) N
Rob Nash SGD (Stanford University) N
Selina Dwight SGD (Stanford University) n/a unable to attend Sunday dinner
Kalpana Karra SGD (Stanford University) n/a Y (No Sunday dinner)
Carson Andorf MaizeGDB (Iowa State U.) Cardinal Hotel N
Steven Cannon Soybase/LIS (Iowa State U.) Cardinal Hotel Y
Rex Nelson SoyBase (Iowa State U.) Hotel California N
Lukas Mueller SGN (Boyce Thompson Inst.) Cardinal Hotel N
Brenley McIntosh EcoliWiki/PortEco Cardinal Hotel N
Paul Sternberg WormBase/Caltech N
Jim Hu EcoliWiki/PortEco N
Rex Chisholm DictyBase/Northwestern Cardinal Hotel N
Paul Thomas USC/PANTHER/PortEco N
Huaiyu Mi USC/PANTHER/PortEco N
Diane Inglis AspGD/CGD, Stanford N
Martha Arnaud AspGD/CGD, Stanford cannot attend dinner
Hans-Michael Muller Textpresso / WormBase Cardinal Hotel N
Ingrid Keseler EcoCyc/BsubCyc, SRI Y
Dmitry Sitnikov Jackson Laboratory Cardinal Hotel N
Monte Westerfield ZFIN Cardinal Hotel N