2016 Geneva GOC Meeting Agenda

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Planned Schedule for the Week of the Meeting

GOC-Geneva-2016 Meeting schedule

  • Friday April 15 and Saturday April 16 - GOC Meeting:
  • Saturday April 16 - GOC Steering Committee Meeting:
  • Meeting location: CMU

GOC-Geneva-2016 Meeting Dinner

  • April 15
  • Location:
  • Time:


The Minutes of the GOC-Geneva-2016 Meeting are recorded here. Minutes Google Doc


Day 1 (Friday)

Friday Morning


  • GO annotation statistics - PaulT
  • Annotation of protein complexes, Ceci Arighi, PRO, 10 min talk
  • Annotation of protein complexes, Sandra Orchard, IntACT, 10 min talk
  • Discussion on protein complexes: 15 min
  • InterPro2GO, Amaia Sangrador.
  • Discussion InterPro2GO
  • Discussion on stale annotations: (15 min)

Friday Afternoon

  • Noctua Workshop -
    • Noctua/LEGO workshop - Friday afternoon
      • Introduction to Principles of LEGO Annotation - Paul T. (20 minutes)
      • Hands-on Noctua using an annotation consistency exercise. Paper for this exercise:
        • WLS retrograde transport to the endoplasmic reticulum during Wnt secretion.
        • This paper addresses some common annotation scenarios that will be interesting to model in Noctua.
          • Cellular component annotations - capturing where a gene product may be found vs. where a gene product is active
          • How do the events of ligand processing, localization and transport, and secretion relate to a downstream signaling pathway and the organismal level processes controlled by that pathway?
          • When does an MF annotation represent activity vs a mechanism that is part of how the activity is executed?
          • Annotation of splice variants and proteoforms (secondary to model discussion)
      • Discussion of GAF/GPAD output from Noctua/LEGO
        • How far away do we want to make Biological Process annotations and how should they be expressed in GAF and GPAD?
    • I'd like to make some comments about "lossiness" and practicalities of LEGO here by showing a couple of Pombase examples (Val, some thoughts on the above item) - not presented in Geneva; will be discussed on one of the weekly LEGO calls
    • Protein2GO updates and LEGO/Noctua bridging (Aleksandra)
    • LEGO/Reactome bridging (Seth) slide

Day 2 (Saturday)

Community facing items

  • Flash update on GO Website, Community feedback and outreach. (Moni) Slides
  • Flash update on AmiGO, including work on parallel projects, e.g. Planteome (Seth) Slides
  • Flash update on QuickGO (Tony) 10 min
  • Set of files we produce and their format. Updated GPAD spec with extra columns (Tony)
  • GO website community annotation page and forms for contributors to complete (Ruth/Val 5 min presentation, 10 min discussion?) Slides

Ontology Development


  • Review action items
  • Next GO Meeting

Group photo

2016 GOC Group Photo in Campus Biotech, Geneva