2016 Geneva GOC Meeting Logistics

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GOC Meeting, Geneva Switzerland, April 15-16, 2016

  • Location:
  • Friday: Campus Biotech Geneva (CBG), 9 Chemin des Mines
    • Room H8
  • Saturday: Campus Medical Universitaire (CMU), 1 rue Michel-Servet (https://goo.gl/maps/GhJYDuY7vaG2)


Please register here for Geneva GOC meeting April 15-16. Fee will be $50 for the meeting and optional $50 for group dinner. https://www.regonline.com/gene-ontology2016

Friday night dinner menu selection

  • Select your menu options by noon on Friday.


Planned Schedule

  • Friday April 15:
  • Meeting will run from 9am to 5pm.
  • Consortium Dinner will follow.
  • Saturday April 16:
  • Meeting will run from 9am to 1pm.
  • Optional break out groups may follow.

Meeting Venue and Directions


Meeting Dinner


Please add your name to the table if you intend to attend the meeting, so we can get a headcount estimate.

Name Organization
Paul Thomas USC
Suzanna Lewis LBNL
Judy Blake Jackson Laboratory
Mike Cherry Stanford
Pascale Gaudet GO Central /SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Sandra Orchard (Fri only) EMBL-EBI
Birgit Meldal (Fri only) EMBL-EBI
Marcus Chibucos (Fri only) ECO/University of Maryland School of Medicine/IGS
Petra Fey dictyBase/Northwestern University
Helen Attrill FlyBase
Giulia Antonazzo FlyBase
Stacia Engel (Fri only) Stanford, SGD
Huaiyu Mi USC
Melanie Courtot EMBL-EBI
Helen Parkinson EMBL-EBI
Paola Roncaglia EMBL-EBI
Aleks Shypitsyna EMBL-EBI
Claire O'Donovan EMBL-EBI
Maria Martin EMBL-EBI
Tony Sawford EMBL-EBI
Ruth Lovering UCL
Doug Howe ZFIN
Cecilia Arighi (Fri Only) UniProt, PRO
Darren Natale PRO, GUMC
Moni Munoz-Torres LBNL
Kimberly Van Auken WormBase
Seth Carbon LBNL
Heiko Dietze LBNL
David Osumi-Sutherland EMBL-EBI
Sylvain Proux SwissProt
Ioannis Xenarios SwissProt
Allan Bridge SwissProt

NOT attending:

  • Chris Mungall
  • David Hill
  • Paul Sternberg