2018 NYU SAB Meeting Logistics

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The SAB meeting will be held on May 15th.

Agenda page coming soon, but we expect the meeting to begin at 9am and end no later than 4pm. We will have an SAB dinner the evening of the 14th. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iOGHjKc9FN_ShrlNEW0CvOmJANzXqep-

Meeting site

Translational Research Building, 227 East 30th Street, in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan. You'll need an official ID (passport, driver's license) to get into the building; Take the elevator to the 7th floor; go through the glass doors. The meeting will be in room 718, in front of you.


Kennedy and Newark Airports both are workable for long-distance flights; Kennedy is somewhat more convenient. LaGuardia Airport is closest to Manhattan but is accessible only by taxi or ride-sharing, or by incredibly inconvenient public transportation.

Kennedy Airport details

You can get into Manhattan by taxi (up to four people can share a cab for a flat fare plus tolls and tip), or ride-sharing (Uber, Lyft, etc.), or by public transportation, which is fast (about an hour) and cheap ($7.75 per person). Here's how to do it: follow the signs in the terminal to the AirTrain. Take an AirTrain to Jamaica. To get off the AirTrain platform, you'll need to buy a MetroCard from a vending machine. If you'll be using the card only to travel to and from the airport, put $15.50 on the card; more if you'll be using the subway to get around New York ($2.75 per ride). Once you're off the AirTrain platform in Jamaica, follow the signs past the Jamaica Long Island Train station (overpass) to an elevator to the subway. Swipe your card again to get into the subway, and take an "E" train in the direction of Manhattan / World Trade Center. At Lexington Avenue / 53rd Street, get off the "E" train and follow the signs to transfer to a "6" train going downtown to Brooklyn Bridge / City Hall. Ride two stops to 33rd Street. Go up to the street (Park Avenue South), walk on Park Avenue South to 37th Street, turn left, walk one block to Lexington Avenue, and the Shelburne Hotel will be on your left on the far side of the street. If you're less adventurous, you can instead take the Long Island Railroad train from Jamaica to Penn Station (buy ticket from vending machine before getting on the train), and walk from Penn Station to the hotel.

Newark Airport details

You can get into Manhattan by taxi or ride-sharing, or by public transportation, which takes longer and costs more than it does from Kennedy but is still reliable. Follow signs in the terminal to the air-train. There's only one choice; it takes you to the Newark Airport Station for Amtrak and New Jersey Transit. From a vending machine, get a combined one-way ticket that will allow you to get off the air-train platform and on to a New Jersey Transit train into New York Penn Station. (Amtrak trains are much more expensive and, for this trip, hardly faster.)

LaGuardia Airport details

There is no good public transportation from LaGuardia Airport into Manhattan. Use a taxi (up to four people can share for the same fare) or ride-sharing service.

By train

Amtrak Northeast Corridor trains (Boston - New York - Washington) all stop at Penn Station as do the Long Island Railroad train from Kennedy / Jamaica or the New Jersey transit train from Newark. To get from Penn Station to the hotel, follow signs inside the station to 7th Avenue. You'll go up a long flight of stairs or escalator to leave the station and come upon a taxi queue. Take a taxi to the hotel or cross 7th Avenue and walk away from the station on 32nd Street until you get to Lexington Avenue, then turn left and walk to 37th Street to get to the hotel (0.8 mile, about 20 minutes per Google).

By car

Try not to. Manhattan is incredibly congested (average speed achieved by cars on weekdays is 4.7 miles per hour) and parking anywhere near the meeting site is incredibly expensive.


USC is taking care of booking rooms for the SAB members. For information: New York is a large, busy city with many hotels but mid-May is a popular time (graduation week for many local universities). We have a block of rooms at the Shelburne NYC (a 10 minute half-mile walk from the meeting venue, comfortable, and very convenient to public transportation). They will only hold rooms until April 6, so book early. Rooms have been reserved for arrival on Friday May 11 and departure on Monday May 14 or Tuesday May 15. You can book a room online here or by phone at 866-233-4642 - identify yourself as part of the GO Consortium (NYU Medical) Room Block (block code 1805NYUMEDI) to guarantee the special rate. The room rate is $289 nightly ($249 + taxes), a very good rate for a room with free WiFi and private bath.

  • note: Please contact lourdes.montano@med.usc.edu for travel and/or hotel booking assistance


  • note: SAB members please contact lourdes.montano@med.usc.edu to RSVP for meeting and dinner
Name Organization Attend the GOC meeting? Attend the GOC dinner? Attend the SAB dinner?
Paul Thomas USC Yes Yes Yes
Suzanna Lewis GO@LBNL Yes Yes Yes
Judy Blake MGI/GOC Yes Yes Yes
Stacia Engel SGD Stanford Yes Yes
Chris Mungall LBNL Yes Yes
David Hill MGI/GOC Yes No  
Kimberly Van Auken WormBase, Caltech Yes Yes
Pascale Gaudet USC/SIB Yes Yes