2018 USC Noctua developers meeting I

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  • USC Health Sciences Campus
  • Room NRT 2508 (Norris Research Tower, enter the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, take elevator in north corner of lobby)
    • In NCCC lobby, if entering from quad turn left after small waiting area, then right (elevator is near piano)
    • Campus Map: http://web-app.usc.edu/maps/#hsc (search for NRT)
  • Dinner on Wednesday, 6pm at Cafe Santorini in Pasadena http://cafesantorini.com



See also google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u3UZs8zrjTWwpca3rgpaqhlo7V7iLnT8JIMNV1ZUM2M/edit


  • GO Objectives (Chris, Paul)
    • GO-CAM rollout (MODs, SIB, ...)
    • Unifying architecture

Software Overviews

Everyone gives an update on a piece of software they are working on. A quick demo if appropriate. Status on open tickets. Also

  • what are some things blocking you?
  • where next?
  • Noctua (Seth)
  • SAE (Tremayne)
  • Reactome2GO (Ben)
  • Ontobio and Biolink (Chris)
  • Merging GAFs into GO-CAMs (Dustin)
  • Pipeline (Seth and Eric)
  • rdf.geneontology.org (Eric and Chris)
  • Enrichment API (Tremaybe/Anushya)


Parking Lot

  • Reactome2GO
  • Noctua unit tests
    • Ensuring some test models are always available on dev
  • UI architecture: Angular, Vue, reusable components
  • Python code/biolink
  • Web APIs
  • Release of PAINT annotations
  • Release of SynGO annotations



  • Seth Carbon LBL
  • Chris Mungall LBL
  • Eric Douglass LBL
  • Ben Good LBL
  • Deepak Unni LBL
  • Suzi Lewis LBL


  • Anushya Muruganujan
  • Tremayne Mushayahama
  • Dustin Ebert
  • Huaiyu Mi
  • Paul Thomas