21 SEPT 2010 RefGen Priorities Discussion (Archived)

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Strategy to achieve broad coverage of genomes annotation

A. Systematic Curation of all PANTHER families

Strategies to prioritize

  • Annotate all families where there is no annotations or just ND's (automatic?)
  • Annotate all families already 'done' by MODs (431 families done until the lung project)

B. Curation by biological domain

Strategies to prioritize

See document from Emily and Pascale - Nov-Dec 2009 : GO textbook approach for annotation

C. Goal

  • Paul: Suggestion : have some extra resources between now and December to do more tree curation.
  • Kara: Mike could try 'fast pass' all next week, and get a better estimate as to how much time he needs to do it at a 'production' pace.
  • Paul: do only cellular processes: see OBO file in PantherDB

Discussion and suggestions:

  • Mike C: goals for the next 2 months have different impact from goals for the rest of the funding period
  • Paul: We should generate stats for the grant to show proof of principle for the grant
    • Factors to consider:
      1. How much EXP data we we have to work with ? The 431 families have more EXP data to work from
      2. Fast pass versus comprehensive annotation of trees?
    • Kara: what if we only did BP and not MF?