22 July 2014 PAINT Conference Call

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PAINT call minutes, July 22, 2014

Participants: Li, Rama, Karen, Judy, Paul, Suzi, Huaiyu

Jamboree Kickoff Meeting

  • Huaiyu - The meeting wiki page was updated with a draft agenda. The meeting will start at 9am every day. On the first day, the morning session will be used as general introduction and discussion. Most of the rest of the meeting will be used for paint curation. At the end of each day, we will have an hour of wrap up.
  • Paul - People will join from Swissprot, so maybe we can move the wrap up to the following morning. Also is everyone OK to start at 8am so we can have maximum overlap with people there.
  • Karen and Rama said they had to check the schedule with their families.

Progress of jamboree

  • Huaiyu - Sent out an email yesterday about the level of effort. Hopefully it is OK with everyone.
  • Li - Checked in a few families. A few more have been curated but not checked in yet. Would like to use them for discussion at the jamboree meeting next week.
  • Karen - Have checked in 7 families.
  • Suzi - There is a java compatibility issue in the latest PAINT release (1.5). Will look into it and see how to make it back compatible.

See everyone next week at Stanford.