6 Apr 2021 PAINT Conference Call

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Marc, Anushya, Peifen, Pascale, Dustin, Huaiyu, Pascale


List of families in each of the three Requires Review categories


This is in response to the issue raised at the last call, to better labeled the families that require review. Please see the minutes of the March call for details.

Action item: Get this info into the PAINT tool family search. Likely by differentiating these scenarios in the curation status table.


  • Merge three lists into one
  • Clean up the curation status in the database, and label these families with different require review status that are visible in the PAINT manager window.

Large scale solving of tickets



  • There are tickets suggesting to change the annotation to a more general and accurate GO term. This could affect all families annotated to those terms. Marc asked whether it is possible to do it with a script instead opening individual families and doing it manually.
  • The answer is yes. It can use the same mechanism that replaces obsoleted GO terms with the replacement terms.
  • Marc will provide a few examples and Dustin will identify the families for him to review.

PAINT IBD and IBA files update

Handle multiple qualifiers, such as NOT and contribute_to at the same time.

Improve annotation forward tracking (postponed)

This is a topic we discussed at the last call. Sometimes nodes are not tracked between PANTHER builds due to the current rules. Huaiyu has proposal to improve the rules, and will discuss here.

Missing MOD ids in PAINT - email exchange

Is there anything we should do?

ACTION ITEM: Dustin will ask Harold in the MGI ticket how many obsolete MGI IDs they are seeing in the IBA GAFs.