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How to improve GOC support to external annotation efforts?

  • Central community annotation tool hosted by the GO Consortium?
  • Generate further guidelines to support annotation efforts?
  • Instructions on the GO Consortium web site as to how groups should interact with the GO Consortium, requirements and GOC support
  • Greater acknowledgement of annotation (or ontology) contributions by domain experts?
  • Encourage subscription of new curators onto the annotation list and participation in annotation calls. Dedicate a call twice a year to specifically support new annotators?

What could we improve in the processes involved in biological-focused projects?

  • How can we ensure a wider range of projects are proposed that are be led by different groups in the Consortium?
  • Setting up a project is a lot of work. What can be done to make this easier?
  • How could groups be encouraged to offer to lead an annotation efforts?
  • How can we continue to develop the interactions between ontology development and annotation efforts?
  • Example: curation manual developed alongside ontology efforts to provide guidance on term usage for annotation of specific components of a pathway?

Suggestions for additional annotation guidelines needed by curators?

  • Page to describe how ontology relationships can be used to improve annotation consistency? (Val)