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This is the summary of 1.5.


  • current status (2008-04-16): production/release

See AmiGO 1 6 for the next release.

New features

  • Term Enrichment tool (accessible from the button/link at the top of every page). [1].
  • GO Slimmer tool (also accessible from the button/link at the top of every page) [2].
  • New Advanced Search page. [3]
  • Searches are now more intelligent--will work harder to get the answers that you probably want). (top level with "FB:FBgn0040491" [4])
  • Searches are now sorted by relevance. (top level with "pigmentation" [5])
  • Columns can now be sorted [6]
  • The pie charts have been replaced with bar graphs. [7] [8]
  • Improved download options (more formats more places). [9]
  • Improved user interface (all over the place) [10]
  • regulates functionality and icons added [11]
  • GOOSE links back into AmiGO [12]

Major fixes

  • Killer links (mostly/completely) squashed