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See AmiGO 1 8 for information about the current production release.

New Features

Support for IEAs

All features support the database generated with the IEA subset.

New Graphics Backend

All of the graphics in AmiGO are now handled by a common, and more flexible, backend. Not only does this mean more consistency in the output on different pages, but gives the user the ability to make arbitrary custom graphs.


  • all graph displays backed by same service
  • basic and advanced inputs for user client (AmiGO_Manual:_Visualize)
  • interactive and static everywhere
    • term enrichment
    • browser
    • homolset
    • visualize client
  • RESTful API (unpublished)

Google Analytics

The Google analytics code is now throughout AmiGO, AmiGO Labs, and GOOSE. This tracking is enabled with an optional file.


  • Bugs fixed, text repaired (see bug tracker)
  • Little improvements (see request tracker)
  • GOOSE has a new home

Labs (experimental)

  • Basic lucene index generation
  • OpenSearch AmiGO_Manual:_OpenSearch
    • available on Firefox and IE Add-Ons sites
    • dashboard widget available for Mac OS X
  • JavaScript API core
  • OpenLayers-based graph browser
  • Live search
  • Workspace environment core
  • Arbitrarily attachable autocomplete