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What is GOOSE?

The GO Online SQL Environment (GOOSE) allows the user to input SQL queries directly into one of the GO database mirrors. It is intended for advanced users, or users who can't get their queries answered by AmiGO. The interface includes templates from the GO wiki, different result formats, multiple mirrors, and links into AmiGO for some result types.

Right...but how do I use it?

While one can use the templates to get pretty far in GOOSE just by changing some of the inputs, the most important thing for getting the full functionality from GOOSE is some knowledge of the SQL language. There are many online resources to help you get started.

Another critical piece of information is the layout and contents of the GO database. The most useful resource for this if the automatically generated GO database schema documentation.

Please keep in mind that for security reason, some commands and functions are not available to the user. In some edge cases, this may cause unexpected results.