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Project lead: Seth, Sven


Phylogenetic data informs functional inference and provides useful context for viewing GO annotations. PAINT allows annotation in a phylogenetic context, but is currently targeted at curators.

We want to make the PANTHER phylogenetic context visible to a wider community of users. This includes advanced phylogenetic displays as well as traversals across genes in the same family



PAINT Scraper


Basic JS Phylo Viewer

"Bad" version up on beta, but will be removed. "Good" version in progress.

Work is in progress on dev machine (nothing public yet, rapidly changing alpha versions). A parser/JSON emitter will be needed before public beta.

Advanced JS Phylo Viewer

More PAINT-like interface.


The best working TODO list currently resides in the source file [1].

  • Links from gene pages: TODO
  • Grid view integrated with js phylo view: TODO