Annotation 01June10

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- switch has occurred

- ACTION: change documentation: Emily to email Amelia

- ACTION: alert GO friends to change

PAINT - files need to be ready to be load by annotation groups

- no progress (Pascale, GO managers call agenda item)

- ACTION: discussion at the GO managers call tomorrow

- non-RefGen groups - need to be alerted to integrate PAINT files

- need to make these groups aware, and groups who are responsible for a species need to accept annotations from external groups and display them in the GAF file. (for GO managers)

GO Camp - Agenda has been publicized

- Pascale to talk to downstream effects, regulation and response to chairs together.

- Establish papers for focused annotation sessions

- Establish minute-takes for focused annotation sessions (Yasmin has agreed for 'downstream effects'). (Action: Rama)

Internal References

- RGD:null -sent email to RGD. Waiting to hear from Jennifer. - Previous action item: need to send email to annotating groups about Internal references - ACTION: Emily

QC checks

- discuss at GO managers call tomorrow, to id a point person.

ECO proposal - Rama: sent mail to Chris and Michelle (no response yet)

Inter-ontology inferences

- followed up with Chris wrt pdb file causing problems (no response yet)