Annotation 15Apr10

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Action: Emily to send Rama email addresses for working groups

Action: Rachael to help coordinate with Compara for the Propagation discussion. Rachael to contact Compara and Pascale, to work out a mutually-convenient time.

- Binding. Email sent to the participants of the WG, draft guidelines written and QC checks written out and in discussions with Chris/Ben/Seth wrt best way of running these checks.

- Complexes. Emily sent email to the WG, to find a time to discuss. Pascale willing to act as chair if necessary wrt to dates. Pascale to send finalized date out to group.

- Discussion of annotation format limitations.

- IGI annotation format - with field contents. Importance of consistency between annotation sets agreed upon, experimental system should be captured elsewhere (and GO annotation format could possibly capture this in future).

Action items for later:

- RCA documentation to be improved. Waiting until after GO camp and ECO discussion. Move to issues page, to be resolved later. Action: Rama.