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Action items

  1. [Rama] Write to Chris, David, Tanya about Inter-ontology links - frequency of updates to the file, etc
  2. [Rama] Organize annotation managers wiki page using what is currently in the Reference genome Section 5

Regular meeting time

  • Mondays 8 AM PST, 11 PM EST, 4 AM BST
  • Starting Monday March 15th

Organizing the wiki pages

  • Role of the annotation management group
  • Annotation documentation
  • Evidence code documentation (Michelle Gwinn Giglio is responsible for this group)
  • Annotation discussion working groups
  • Action items from emails, meetings, jamborees
  • List of 'to do' items: check inter-ontology links, check PAINT files, manage gp2protein files, how to use column 16, etc

Division of labor

  • Between the 3 of us, who should do what?
  • Will wait for managers meeting for discussion

GO camp

  • All happy with the way annotation issues/preferences are being posted? [1]
  • Prepare survey
  • Consider a poster session
  • Accommodation - Sere will put something up next week

Annotations based on Inter-ontology links

(Rama) Chris (and the ontology group) have generated several annotations/inferences based on inter-ontology links. Val has started commenting on (SF) some of these annotations. I think it is our responsibility to let groups know if this is a priority and if they shd be doing this now.

Format of Ref.genome jamboree calls

  • the chair of discussions needs to ensure that SourceForge items are populated from the action items that come out of the discussion. Either the chair should do this directly, or ensure interested parties do this. Pascale and I have agreed to follow up on the SLIT2/NIPBL discussions
  • chairs need to provide/or nominate someone to provide/prepare a quick overview of the functions that the gene is thought to carry out - and see if this aligns with the annotation set being displayed in GONUTs
  • any items that could be converted into QC items should be noted (e.g. taxon-specific checks, or co-annotation guidelines)
  • annotation issues need to be forwarded to the annotation list (either by the chair, or nominated curator)
  • Pascale, could the PAINT folk have an early look at the annotation set generated, and summarize the transfers that they would propose making on the generated set? As Daniel is currently creating a bulk annotation uploader that accepts GAF formatted files, perhaps we could ask if GONUTs could spit them out as well - so that PAINT could directly upload the most up-to-date RefGen annotation set from the jamboree - would this help you and Kara?
  • I thought that having Anita on the call for SLIT2 was invaluable. It would be fantastic if we could have such experts at other calls - who could clarify some of the more complex issues curators had been having with certain papers/methods/terms.
  • a GO ontology developer needs to attend the whole of the call.
  • all groups need to be willing to volunteer a curator to either take minutes or chair a discussion (i.e. it shouldn't always be Pascale or I).
  • Perhaps these suggestions could be posted somewhere along with the current format of the calls - and we could invite other curators to make suggestions. Could you do this? I think that if we/other curators feel that there is value from these calls, we need to strongly encourage groups to actively participate and support these calls; even the current (sub-optimal) organization takes up a surprising amount of time - from suggesting targets to settting up calls, pestering for people to add annotations, requesting GONUTs features from Jim/Daniel. Perhaps we three could each take on the organisation of one jamboree a year? What are your thoughts?