Annotation Call October 28, 2014

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GOC meeting report

  • Meeting agenda and minutes are available on the wiki-

  • FAQ on GO Website (get an account and write a FAQ)
  • Please volunteer to review papers, this is the best way to catch misrepresentation of GO in papers
  • We will work on getting stats on how much GO changes, why and what type of change

  • With column pipe vs comma change to match col-16 usage (pipe = OR and comma = AND), proposal has passed
    • Next steps involve writing Specs for changing the GAF (we will introduce comma in the GAF), retrofitting annotations, announcements etc
  • ECO codes
    • If you want add a new ECO term please request Chris for write access. Your new term will be committed but when Marcus reviews the term he will upgrade the term to be 'curator approved'
  • Ontology related
    • Term genie, SF term requests, how term requests will be prioritized
    • Catabolism, biosynthesis terms

( (cytokine production, glycoprotein synthesis, degradation of a protein is not catabolism and making is not metabolism. Protein maturation is also not biosynthesis.

    • Talked a little bit about readout vs process studied (Rubidium transport)
    • protein dimerization etc terms
    • vacuole vs lysosome (we will keep both terms in the ontology, they are different)
  • IntACT complex annotations will be moved to a separate file (it is messing up term enrichment)
  • Annotating to the process term vs regulation of process term. We came up with a qualifier 'implicated in' to capture this OR situation.
  • Align relationships used in the ontology and col-16, better documentation.

Thank you Rachael