Annotation Conf. Call, December 13, 2011

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1. Actions from last call - any group interested in contributing towards the integal_to pilot project for protein complexes?

2. Brief description of upcoming apoptosis annotation targets

3. Feedback sought on the annotation QC checks circulated via email on 28-11-2011. What would be the most appropriate way to deal with these conflicting annotations.

  • All IC annotations should include a GO id in column 8 (with)
  • All IDA annotations should NOT include any id in column 8 (with)
  • ND-evidenced Annotations to root nodes only
  • Should all ND annotations refer to a GO_REF rather than PubMed Reference?
  • Finally, there are some MOD interal references which are not indicated as equivalents to the GO_REF:0000015. Could the following be added to the GO Reference file as equivalents?

dictyBase_REF:9 (dictyBase)

GO_REF:nd (GeneDB_Pfalciparum, GeneDB_Tbrucei, TIGR, WB)

GOC:unpublished (GeneDB_Pfalciparum)

  • Full details, including SQL queries for GOOSE, here

4. Protein Binding, clean up proposal part 1

5. Agreeing upon the contributes_to defintion and usage. Documentation on GOC webste-

6. Linking annotation guidance to terms. Pilot project implemented currently in the QuickGO display:

Example links:

Binding term considerations

response to guidance

membrane spatial relationships

  • Feedback sought. Anyone find this useful? Desirable for UniProt-GOA to export this data to be developed into a GO Consortium resource for other GO browsers?