Annotation Conf. Call, Feb 22, 2011

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  • Summary from the recently concluded Signaling content meeting

(Becky and Ruth)

  • Discussion on Uploading PAINT annotations, MF-BP inferences.


  • Are all the groups familiar with where the PAINT and MF-BP inferences are on the FTP site? Are there any technical questions? -Rama
  • GOA has started to provide mf2bp inferences in the UniProt file for all sources/species (as we need to ensure we have a complete and consistent data set) Edimmer
  • Are the annotating groups ready to load the mf-Bp inferences.
    • SGD has looked at some of these annotations and we have some concerns.
    • For example yeast ADK1 is a adenylate kinase and we already have an annotation to ADP biosynthetic proces. The MF-BP inference is to the term nucleotide phosphorylation.
    • In another example, yeast AGE1 is annotated to GTPase activator activity and an inference has been made to 'regulation of catalytic activity'. This is a high level term and not something we would capture in our manual curation pipeline.
    • But it is hard for us to review all these annotations to decide which to keep etc. I would like to know how other groups are dealing with these annotations.
  • GOA only includes RefGenome annotations from PAINT for human, chicken and other species. Should we take more files directly from GO - or wait for individual MODs to include the annotations and take them from the MOD GAFs? Edimmer
  • I believe GOA has already started to provide the PAINT annotations through the files and they come with ISS evidence code. In talking to Mike Cherry about this he thinks apart from the fact that these annotations are made from the Ref.genome project, the new evidence codes is the novelty part of these annotations. If the GOC adds documentation on these evidence codes (they are available in the ECO) can the annotating groups use these new evidence codes?


Apoptosis content meeting 1st June at the EBI. Call for curators, contributors. Edimmer