Annotation Conf. Call, July 12, 2011

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Discussion Topics

Previous action items:

  • Any curators wishing to join the next Apoptosis Content call on the 20th July please get in touch with Paola.
  • Proposed QC checks will be implemented as 'soft' ones, as they can be seen as identifying sub-optimal but not necessarily incorrect annotations. This will mean curators encouraged to improve these annotations but they will not be automatically removed from GAFs on the GOC site.
  • Suboptimal GO annotations highlighted by soft QC checks should be highlighted by AmiGO, encouraging groups to correct their data. Such checks will also be implemented via the web-based GAF validator demo'd by Amelia at the last GOC meeting.
  • For Ontology Developers: Subsetdef: high_level_annotation_qc "High-level terms not to be used for direct annotation". Such information should only be included in the subset field of the OBO file, not also the comment; due to possible resulting redundancy issues (Chris)
  • The transcription annotation jamboree will be held on during the regular annotation call scheduled for the 26th of July.

Examples will be circulated the week before the jamboree. Focus to be on the Reference Genome targets, however other gene products can also be included in the discussions.

  • Call for volunteers to adopt a GO annotation guidance page (contact Emily and Rama)