Annotation Conf. Call 2016-09-13

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Next GOC Meeting - USC, Los Angeles, CA, November 4-6, 2016

  • Please indicate on the Meeting Logistics Page if you plan to come.
  • We are now planning a one-day Noctua/LEGO training session for the Monday (November 7th) following the general consortium meeting. Please indicate on the logistics page if you are definitely staying for that so Paul T. can arrange for a meeting room.

UK LEGO/Noctua Training

  • There was a LEGO/Noctua training session in Hinxton, UK from Wednesday, 8/31 - Friday, 9/2.
  • We are thinking it might be nice to have a list of FAQs for using Noctua and making LEGO models. Please send FAQs to Kimberly or David.

Ontology Changes that will affect Annotation

Annotation Consistency Exercise

  • September 27th - dictyBase's turn to select a paper

Annotation Tracker

  • There was discussion about who monitors the annotation tracker and how those GH tickets get addressed. We need to put a plan in place for addressing annotation issues highlighted on the tracker either on the calls or by forwarding them to the appropriate groups.