Annotation Conf. Call 2017-08-08

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Ontology Report

Signaling Project

  • Update on progress to date, github tickets
    • Wnt - Giulia, Helen, Kimberly
    • MAPK - David H. and Sabrina
      • Examining gene products annotated to the process with no experimental support for known MFs
      • Thinking about how to define the beginning and parts of the pathway
    • Ca2+ Signaling
      • Fertilization - Penelope
    • GPCR - Pascale, Petra
      • Some ontology tickets have been addressed
      • Needs global annotation review
      • Needs GO-CAM model
    • Reminder - discussion on specific github tickets, not on project page


  • On call: David H., George, Harold, Helen, Kevin, Kimberly, Li, Liz, Midori, Moni, Pascale, Paul T., Penelope, Petra, Rob, Sabrina, Sage, Shur-Jen, Stacia, Stan, Suzi, Terry, Tom, Val

Ontology Report

Check Annotations

  • SUMO protease annotations may be too generic
    • Annotations to SUMO protease terms may be able to be deepened to one of the two more specific SUMO protease terms (endopeptidase or isopeptidase)
    • Gene products annotated are listed on the github ticket

GO Slims

  • GOC slim ticket
    • Mary will use her algorithmic method, but the output slim will need review from GOC member groups
    • Val's matrix tool can be a good tool for checking redundancy in the slim
      • Can also help address whether the chosen terms are too high level to be useful
  • Modification to AGR slim
    • Confirm that all AGR member groups are okay with current version of GO AGR slim
    • Doug had suggested including additional bins for:
    • Co-annotation can be used to capture information when a combined term in the ontology cannot be made
    • Analysis can help determine when there might need to be work done on the ontology (e.g. missing relations) or on the annotations (e.g. cytoplasm annotations -> cytosol annotations)
    • Note that in the AGR display, the labels may need to be adapted to be more biologist friendly
    • Can we have some outside review of the labels?

Action Items

  • AI: Document the methodologies used to create and analyze slims
  • AI: Supply list of GO ID - Name pairs used for GO slims (new github ticket -
  • AI: Get feedback from users on GO slim term labels
    • Pascale will send out the list

Signaling Project

  • Wnt - Giulia, Helen, Kimberly
  • MAPK - David H., Sabrina
    • Examining genes for MAPK pathway +/- MF support
    • Looking at gene products potentially upstream/downstream
  • Ca2+ Signaling - Penelope
    • Still needs an ontology editor
  • GPCR - Pascale, Petra
    • Have downloaded annotations, but still need to review them
    • Have created a generic GO-CAM model
      • A few templates already existed - link to model 0000200, 0000466, 0000486
      • Is the heterotrimeric G protein cycle term needed?
      • How much detail should be included about the functions of the members of the pathway?
      • If there is more than one way to represent a pathway, how should we choose which way to annotate?