Annotation Conf. Call 2017-09-26

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Review Cambridge Consortium Meeting Logistics and Agenda

Update on Signaling Project



  • On call: Chris, David H., Edith, George, Giulia, Harold, Helen, Jim, Karen, Li, Midori, Paul T., Penelope, Petra, Rob, Sabrina, Sage, Shur-Jen, Stacia, Stan, Suzi, Tanya, Terry, Val
  • Reviewed consortium meeting logistics
    • Please bring your registration fee (120 GBP) in cash
  • We like to have working group meetings
    • When? Maybe not the first thing in the schedule
    • Scheduling can be tricky when there's overlap
    • Would be good to schedule these for when remote participants (e.g. US West Coast) can attend
    • If working groups don't include all attendees, what will those people do during that time?
  • Would it be worthwhile to have a session on the GO Handbook?
    • Yes, this might be a good way to start the meeting
  • For discussion of relations and qualifiers
    • Need an introductory presentation to frame the discussion
  • Proteoform discussion will be moved to an annotation call since Harold and Li will not be at the Cambridge meeting
  • Workshop suggestions - please claim ownership so we can make plans!
    • Follow-up from signaling workshop would be good here
  • Still need to review action items and priorities from Corvallis
    • For items that have not progressed, assess their priority and resources needed