Annotation Conf. Call 2018-01-09

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Meeting URL


Review of Cambridge meeting action items and milestones for 2018-05 GOC meeting in NYC

In geneontology/go-annotation on github, there is a Milestone '2018-05 GOC meeting'

Requests for Proposals

Protein Complexes Working Group

Annotation Relations - Cellular Component

Annotation Relations - Biological Process

Cellular Component Annotations for Transmembrane Proteins

InterPro2GO Pipeline

Engaging External Experts

Annotation Review

HTP Annotations

Signaling Workshop

In geneontology/go-annotation on github, there is a label 'GO workshop signaling 2017'

General Signaling Issues

Ca2+ Signaling - Fertilization

GPCR-mediated cAMP Signaling

JAK/STAT Signaling Pathway

MAPK Cascade

Canonical Wnt Signaling Pathway

GO-CAM and Noctua

  • No call tomorrow
  • Software team has been working on the priority issues for Noctua 1.0 release
  • QC for Noctua models

Protein2GO Reports

  • Protein2GO users please remember to check the monthly reports and work on updating/fixing flagged annotations

Two Working Meetings

  • January 22nd - 26th: Docathon at Berkeley
  • February 12 - 16th: Ontology GitHub jamboree in Denver


  • On call: David H, Eric, George, Giulia, Harold, Helen, Karen, Kimberly, Li, Liz, Pascale, Paul T., Petra, Rachael, Rob, Sabrina, Sage, Sandra, Stacia, Stan, Suzi, Tanya, Tom, Val