Annotation Conf. Call 2018-02-13

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GitHub Projects Page

Working Group Reports

GO Managers

  • Documentation meeting in Berkeley, January 22nd - 28th
  • Worked on web site and wiki
  • Overall goals:
    • Focus GOC website on 'external-facing' documentation for consumers of GO data
    • Move 'internal-facing' documentation to GOC wiki for areas such as annotation guidelines
      • Will link to wiki from website as appropriate for 'internal-facing' documentation
    • 'Unpublish' out-of-date pages on the website
    • 'Archive' out-of-date pages on the wiki
    • Still some work to do, but we made good progress

GO Ontology Editors

  • Working meeting in Denver, February 12th - 16th
  • Overall goals:
    • Review and close as many outstanding tickets as possible
    • Triage tickets for future projects
    • Discussion of more difficult tickets
    • May need feedback from submitters

HTP Working Group

Protein Complexes

Annotation File Pipelines

Annotation Review

  • There are currently 68 tickets in the GitHub geneontology/go-annotation tracker with the 'annotation review' label
  • Corresponding Google spreadsheets exist for many of these, but not all yet


  • On call: Birgit, Chris, David H., Harold, Edith, Eric, George, Helen, Karen, Kimberly, Midori, Pascale, Paul T., Petra, Rachael, Rob, Sabrina, Sage, Shur-Jen, Stacia, Stan, Suzi, Tanya, Terry, Val

Protein Complexes

  • Survey comments:
    • What might help is to give the survey taker some labeled examples of actual annotations as they are and proposed alternatives (Tanya).
  • Use cases: