Annotation Conf. Call 2018-10-09

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Meeting URL

GO Conference Calls

  • Tuesdays at 8am PDT
    • 1st Tuesday: Alliance Biological Function
    • 2nd Tuesday: GO Consortium
    • 3rd Tuesday: Alliance Biological Function/GO-CAM Working Group
    • 4th Tuesday: GO-CAM Working Group
    • 5th Tuesday: ad hoc, as needed
  • One Zoom URL for all -


Molecular Function Refactor

Distal/Proximal Promoter Binding Terms

  • Proposal: use parent term and capture binding as contextual information using SO terms


Annotation QC/QC Reports

Reminder - Update datasets.yaml file

Annotation File Formats

GPAD/GPI for Internal Consortium Annotation Exchange

  • At NYC meeting in May, proposal was made that we would eventually switch to using GPAD/GPI file format for data exchange within the consortium
  • Reasons to switch to GPAD/GPI:
    • Less redundacy
    • Ability to use expanded set of annotation relations (gp2term)
    • Ability to use unique ECO identifiers instead of 3-letter GO codes
    • Annotation properties field - allows for capturing annotation metadata
  • Many groups consume GPAD (any external group using Protein2GO; groups consuming derived GPAD from GO-CAM models)
  • Not all groups produce a GPAD
  • Any barriers to moving to GPAD/GPI?
  • Timeline - by start of new year (2019)?

Montreal Meeting, October Wednesday, 17th - Friday, 19th


  • On call: David, Dustin, Edith, Giulia, Harold, Helen, Karen, Kimberly, Li, Liz, Marie-Claire, Midori, Pascale, Penelope, Petra, Rachael, Rob, Ruth, Sabrina, Seth, Shur-Jen, Suzi