Annotation Conf. Call 2019-08-13

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October GOC Meeting - Berkeley

Protein oligomerization terms in GO

  • Check on how the review of BP terms is going
  • Will start on MF terms, specifically 'protein dimerization activity' GO:0046983

GO-CAMs and Annotation Extensions

  • After USC hackathon in June, we formed a small working group to fully articulate the GO-CAM model specifications
  • This will allow for consistent GO-CAM curation using Noctua workbenches, import projects (e.g. Reactome and MOD imports)
  • Will also allow us to move forward with harmonizing AE relations used in GO-CAM and conventional annotation
    • On today's call, we will review the annotation extension relations currently used with MF terms and the proposed updates to their use in order to align conventional annotation and GO-CAM models
    • Google summary spreadsheet of MF extensions
      • MF annotation extensions to review:
        • part_of (GO:CC, CL, UBERON)
        • has_input (not highest priority, but groups can review existing has_input to see if NOT direct; refer to previous github ticket for now)
        • occurs_at (occurs_in OR has_input - discuss useful granularity of SO terms for GO annotation)
        • happens_during (GO:BP (that is not a biological phase))
        • activated_by and inhibited_by (TBD)
        • long tail.....
      • gorel relations to obsolete:
        • not_happens_during
        • in_presence_of


  • Present: Chris, David, Dmitry, Edith, Giulia, Harold, Kimberly, Laurent-Philippe, Midori, Pascale, Patrick, Rob, Sabrina, Seth, Shur-Jen, Stacia, Suzi, Tanya
  • We discussed annotation extension relations.
  • Most extension relations in the Google spreadsheet that are proposed for discontinuation were non-controversial.
  • Relations that may need more discussion/clarification include: happens_during, occurs_at, activated_by, inhibited_by
  • We will continue discussion of these relations on subsequent calls to make sure we address sufficiently any outstanding curation issues