Annotation Conf. Call 2021-01-19

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Agenda and Minutes

GAF 2.2

Annotation Relations

  • Use of 'has input' in place of 'has regulation target', 'regulates expression of', 'regulates transcription of', regulates translation of'
  • AI: create a ticket for updating these relations; set up a separate meeting with Alex to review changes to annotations (and other things, like file formats)
  • AI: may need to review other uses of 'has input' on AE BP relations, e.g. with signaling pathway terms; Helen will look into her FB spreadsheet for examples to discuss

GOC Meetings

  • May - will likely be another virtual meeting
  • January 26th - GO-CAM Office Hours

Other issues

  • Malcolm raised the issue of formatting for Xenbase gene identifiers in the table for browsing GO-CAMs on the GO site
  • AI: add a ticket to the github noctua tracker


  • On call: Chris, Colin, David, Debby, Dmitry, Dustin, Edith, Giulia, Harold, Helen, Judy, Karen, Kimberly, Li, Malcolm, Midori, Pascale, Petra, Rob, Sabrina, Stacia, Suzi A, Ruth