Annotation Conf. Call 2021-03-02

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Agenda and Minutes

GOC Meetings, Other Announcements

No GO Calls Week

  • Next week - no GO calls week

Noctua Outages

  • Noctua outage - Thursday, March 4th, 5pm PST (~1 hour)
    • Update NEO and other ontologies
    • If you're logged in, please save your work and log off by 5pm PST.
  • April, weekends of 9th and 23rd
    • Planned LBL outages

May Consortium Meeting

  • Virtual Consortium Meeting -Tuesday May 4th - Friday May 7th (note shift forward by one day)
    • Agenda/Minutes - please suggest topics for discussion and/or breakout groups

GAF 2.2

  • The pipeline has now switched over to consuming and generating GAF2.2 files for snapshot releases
    • Last version of snapshot ran on Sunday, February 28th
  • GPAD 1.2 produced by GOC pipeline will use full set of gp2term relations as a way of moving us forward with GAF 2.2 more efficiently
  • Implementing two new GO rules (59 and 61) wrt transitioning to GAF2.2
  • Determine where each group is at wrt the GAF source file they provide to GO, any remaining issues to address
    • As of 2021-02-28:
      • dictyBase - GAF2.1? - submitted by UniProt GOA, so GAF2.2
      • FlyBase - GAF2.2
      • MGI - GAF2.2
      • PAINT - GAF2.2
      • PomBase - GAF2.1? converted to GAF2.2 2021-03-01
      • Reactome - GAF2.1?
      • RGD - GAF2.1?
      • SGD - GAF2.0? converted to GAF2.2 coming today or tomorrow
      • TAIR - GAF2.0?
      • UniProt GOA - GAF2.2
      • WB - GAF2.2
      • Xenbase - still working on process for getting full GAF2.2 file for GOC; have stub GAF2.2 file with everything from GOA
      • ZFIN - GAF2.1? converted to GAF2.2, will update
  • Once rules 59 and 61 are implemented, do another round of testing, report any issues on github ticket

Ontology Editors Jamboree


  • On call: Colin, Daniel, David, Dustin, Edith, Gene, Giulia, Harold, Karen, Kimberly, Li, Malcolm, Mary, Midori, Pascale, Patrick, Penelope, Petra, Raymond, Robert, Sabrina, Seth, Sierra, Suzi, Rob, Stacia