Annotation Conf. Call 2021-05-18

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Agenda and Minutes

GAF 2.2

  • Now out with the versioned May release
  • Any feedback from our user communities?

Meetings and Announcements

GO-CAM Office Hours

  • Agenda
  • Please add items and model ids to discuss

Noctua Outages

  • Monday, May 24th, (PM PDT) to move ART (Annotation Review Tool) into production
  • Will send notification, but please save your work!

Annotation Review and Term Obsoletion

May Consortium Meeting


  • Remember to complete the survey

Action Items


  • On call: Chris, David, Dustin, Edith, Giulia, Harold, Kimberly, Malcolm, Mary, Midori, Pascale, Patrick, Petra, Raymond, Rob, Sabrina, Seth, Suzi
  • Thank you and best wishes to Sabrina! We will miss you!