Annotation Conf. Call 2021-07-06

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Agenda and Minutes

Meetings and Announcements

October Consortium Meeting

  • Wednesday, October 13th - Friday, October 15th
  • Hosted by:
    • University of Maryland Medical School, Baltimore MD
    • Michelle Gwinn-Giglio
  • Agenda

Noctua Outages

  • Thursday, July 8th, for ontology/software updates (will now update Noctua every second and fourth Thursday of each month)
  • CHANGE: Friday, July 16th, (2PM - 8PM EDT) for LBL maintenance
  • These outages are on the GO's Google calendar
  • Will send notification, but please save your work!

No GO Calls Week

  • July 11th - July 17th: no regularly scheduled GO calls

Annotation Review


  • On call: Antonia, Birgit, Cailey, Colin, Chris, David, Debby, Dmitry, Edith, Harold, Helen, Karen, Kimberly, Li, Malcolm, Mary, Pascale, Peter, Raymond, Seth