Annotation Conf. Call 2022-03-15

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Agenda and Minutes

Meetings and Announcements

Spring 2022 Consortium Meeting

  • Virtual
  • Tuesday April 26th to Thursday April 28th, from 7AM-11AM Pacific (4PM-8PM Europe)
  • Please email Pascale if you have topics for the agenda
    • On the agenda: Continue goslim_generic discussion: review MF and CC slims, also, a session using the matrix to check redundancy in the goslim classes. Bring your gene sets!


  • Regularly scheduled Noctua outage:
    • Thursday, March 24th

Wiki Freeze and Migration

  • The GOC wiki will be migrating to a new provider
  • This requires a freeze on editing
  • Wiki will be frozen for editing starting early Monday, the 21st and continuing through Tuesday, the 22nd
  • All goes well, we'll be back in business later next week
  • Thank you, Seth!

GO Release Pipeline

  • Last GO release was: Thu Jan 13 15:32:15 PST 2022 - there should be a release in the next days
  • A number of issues have arisen since to delay the next release
    • Some upstream files have not been available
    • Issues with some IC annotations not having a With/From value
      • More granular evidence codes (biological system reconstruction) used by ComplexPortal map up to IC in ECO but don't yet have a value in With/From
      • GO-RULE:0000016 is now a WARNING rather than a filter
    • Other technical issues


  • Update to default closure -> 'is a' and 'part of' with users opting in to 'regulates'
  • Coming with the next successful release?



  • Ongoing annotation review ticket (132 open tickets)
    • How to find annotation review tickets assigned to you:
      • In filters box:
        • is:issue
        • is:open
        • label:"annotation review"
        • assignee:"your github handle"
      • Or, a shortcut:
        • Click on any open ticket with the "annotation review" label
        • In the filters box, add assignee:"your github handle"
  • Reminder to check annotation reports generated by the GO pipeline

GO-CAM and Noctua

Other Projects

  • MGI nearing completion of Noctua import (all manual MGI annotations)


  • On call: Antonia, Chris, David, Deborah, Dmitry, Edith, Harold, Karen, Kimberly, Malcolm, Mary, Pascale, Petra, Rahi, Raymond, Rob, Seth, Sridhar, Stacia, Suzi