Annotation Conf. Call 2022-05-02

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Agenda and Minutes

Meetings and Announcements

Spring 2022 Consortium Meeting

  • Follow-up survey - please see Suzi's email
  • Other feedback?

Fall 2022 Consortium Meeting

  • Possible in-person meeting; still being discussed


  • Regularly scheduled Noctua outage:
    • Thursday, May 12th
  • Automatic ontology updates implemented on Thursday, April 14th
  • April 28th Noctua systems outage - we did not do the ontology updates due to an issue with upstream ontologies that would have resulted in an EMAPA term being automatically replaced by an UBERON term

GO Release Pipeline




  • Please remember to keep checking the reports generated by the pipeline and address any errors
    • Are we ever going to fix report 28?
    • Check rule that requires With/From to be from the same species - this could just be a warning, for now
      • Harold's self-binding example
    • AI: Check interactor documentation wrt With/From vs 'has input' extensions and update it and rules, as needed
  • Also check annotation review tickets assigned to you/your group in go-annotation repo on github
  • Questions about either - please bring to the meeting

GO-CAM and Noctua

Other Projects


  • On call: Colin, Deborah, Dustin, Edith, Harold, Karen, Kimberly, Leonore, Malcolm, Pascale, Patrick, Rahi, Raymond, Rob, Seth, Sierra, Stacia, Suzi, Petra