Annotation Conf. Call 2022-05-24

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Agenda and Minutes

Meetings and Announcements

Fall 2022 Consortium Meeting

  • Possible in-person meeting; location and dates still TBD


  • Regularly scheduled Noctua outage:
    • Thursday, May 26th

GO Release Pipeline

  • May release went out Friday, 2022-05-20



Non-catalytic Molecular Functions

List and Definitions

Membrane CC Terms - WIP


  • Please remember to keep checking the reports generated by the pipeline and address any errors
  • Also check annotation review tickets assigned to you/your group in go-annotation repo on github
  • Questions about either - please bring to the meeting

GO-CAM and Noctua

Other Projects


  • On call: Antonia, Chris, Colin, David, Deborah, Dustin, Edith, Giulia, Harold, Helen, Karen, Kimberly, Li, Mahima, Malcolm, Pascale, Patrick, Paul, Petra, Raymond, Rob, Seth, Sierra, Sridhar, Stan, Suzi