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Annotation Reviews: Purpose

GO editors, GO Central (Quality assurance team), or users may request that annotations be reviewed. The reasons for requesting review vary, but include:

  • Changes in the ontology that impact annotations
  • Changes in annotation guidelines
  • Poorly defined terms that lead to inconsistent annotations
  • Inconsistencies in annotations for a specific gene product

For requestors: Procedure for creating an Annotation Review Request using GitHub and GO's Google Drive

  1. Create a ticket in the Annotation repo: describing the issue.
  2. Open the 'Template Annotation Review' file in the Annotation Review folder of the GO Shared Google Drive.
  3. Make a copy of the Template, using the Menu: File > Make a copy....
  4. Name of the file: Ticket-[nnnn] - Review annotations to [GO ID] [TermLabel], for example: Ticket-1943 - Review annotations to GO:0031012 - extracellular matrix
  5. Download load the default data from AmiGO paste in the new Google document you have created in Step 3.
  6. Whenever possible, add a suggested action (ie what term to replace by, etc) in the first column (A) of the spreadsheet.
  7.  Make sure that the pull down menu in Column B is available for all rows of the spreadsheet; if not, copy/paste on additional rows.
  8. Go back to the GitHub ticket and paste the link to the Google spreadsheet.
  9.  Assign one person from each impacted group to review annotations (GitHub handle of the GO members are here:
  10. Add label Annotation Review (see screenshot below).
  11.  Members will get a notification (if their account is set up to receive notifications).
  12.  When everyone has addressed the issue, change the Google document file name by adding 'DONE' in front of the name.
  13. Close the ticket.
Annotation Review Request GitHub ticket

For curators: Procedure for addressing an Annotation Review

  1.  When notified that you have annotations to review, go to the GitHub ticket.
  2.  Click the link to the Google spreadsheet and review annotations. You should go back to the original paper and make sure you agree with any suggestion before editing your annotations.
  3.  Edit annotations as appropriate, and fill Columns B and C of the spreadsheet (see schreenshot below):
    • Column B: Changed/Removed/Checked (and unchanged)
    • Column C: your Git handle
  4.  If there are questions/disagreements with the suggestion, add these as comments in the GitHub ticket.
  5. When done, go back to the GitHub ticket and remove your name from the assignees of the ticket.
  6. No other action is needed; the person who had opened the Annotation Review Request will close the tickets when all has been reviewed.
Annotation Review Request Google spreadsheet

Prioritization Annotation Reviews

Some annotation review tickets are marked 'high priority'. This means that the Annotation Group would like curators to review these as soon as possible. Tickets are marked high priority when they are relevant to major ontology projects (for example in 2018, signaling and transcription), or when annotations are really incorrect and should rapidly be fixed.

The requestor of the annotation review can set the high priority level, bu the manager of the annotation group can decide to increase/decrease the priority of any ticket.

How do I know if I have annotations to review?

Review Status

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