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Long-term maintenance of annotation datasets

Groups contributing annotations to the central GO repository are responsible for maintaining their files.

Annotation sources

  • When two or more databases create GO annotations for the same species, one database is responsible for submitting all annotations for that species.
  • Each line of annotation includes the group who made the annotation, so all individual groups will clearly be given credit for the work that they have done.
  • The list of submitting database groups can be found here.

Procedure to deal with unmaintained annotations

  • GOC becomes responsible for maintaining annotations for groups that are no longer able to do so. This means that:
  1. Annotations are maintained in Protein2GO
  2.  GOC/GOA run QC checks
  3.  GOC becomes an editor of the annotations
  4.  Annotations are ultimately submitted to the GOC by the group responsible for that species

Groups whose annotations are not actively maintained

  • AgBase(*), AspGD(*), CAFA, DFLAT, GDB, Gramene(*), JCVI(*), LIFEDB, MENGO(*), MTBBASE, PAMGO(*), PINC, Roslin Institute, TIGR(*)
  • (*) These groups still have persons that can be contacted with questions about changes in annotations, see GO Group Contacts on GitHub.

Review Status

Last reviewed: 2022-04-20 Pascale Gaudet