Annotation outreach group meeting 15th June 2007

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Participants: Fiona McCarthy, Michelle Gwinn, Jennifer Deegan, Rama Balakrishnan, Pascale Gaudet, did I miss anyone?

We discussed version 3 of the top level flowchart and we found it was quite difficult to define resources needed for each kind of annotation without going into a lot more detail. We talked round this a lot and considered that maybe we should think about the kinds of users that we are dealing with. We decided that the different kinds of resources needed varied enormously depending on what kind of user it is and what they want from their GO effort. In order to make an entry way into the top of the flow charts we decided to experiment with writing down brief sentences that the users can read that will help them to recognise themselves from the spectrum of usual user groups. e.g.

1.I am a microarray user and my array has no GO annotations.
2. I am a microarray user and my array has some GO annotations and I’d like to add more.
3. I am a MOD and I want to support my users by providing GO facilities. 
4. ?
5. ?

We decided that as part of this we should try to define the groups of users
How do they use GO annotations and what do they want from their user experience? e.g.

1. A new microarray user might just want an easy way to download a gene_association file that is specific to their species. 
2. A MOD might want ???
3. Other users ???

This would hopefully help us then to write down the sorts of resources that the different kinds of groups would need to reach their goal. If we can define the required resources then we can help groups prepare for their GO effort.

1. A new microarray user may just need a computer and an internet connection.
2. A group that wants to become a MOD for their species will need a database to store the data and many more facilities. 
3. ???

Our plan now is to think over the next couple of weeks and expand this analysis of our users with more examples.