Annotation outreach group meeting 16th February 2007

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Time: 3 PM GMT - 10 AM EST - 9AM CDT - 7 AM PST


1. Review Action Items from last meeting [ACTION ITEM]: Make up a rotation list for chairing and taking minutes at these meetings [Jennifer] Done
[ACTION ITEM]: Produce flowcharts for different methods of annotation (due at next call) (See Agenda Point #2)

  • Harold: Importing GOA data MGI
  • Jen: Manual annotation
  • Pascale: ISS
  • Evelyn: Automated annotations at GOA

[ACTION ITEM]: Think of more some other metrics. (all)
[ACTION ITEM] Jen will put standard letter on wiki.
[ACTION ITEM] Any other to do items on outreach? (all)
[ACTION ITEM]: each will write what we consider the most important priorities before next phone call
[ACTION ITEM]: Ask Emily Dimmer if she will join and become a bridge between evidence code group and outreach so we can bring two sets of documentation in line. Jen: done
(Emily points out that several people on the Outreach Working Group are also on the Evidence Code Working Group and that it might be more sensible for one of them to do this.)

2) Finish the annotation SOP (top priority) [[1]]

3A) Annotation flowcharts: Manual Annotations:
GOA Import at MGI_-_Harold
IEA at GOA_-_Evelyn

3B) Make a plan for writing up this documentation and to coordinate with Evidence Code Working Group and User Advocacy Group

4) Report on ideas for metrics

5) Report on priorities (both with respect to this group, and our other activities)

6) Discuss next activities (next conference call; next outreach activities)

Minutes: Evelyn

General Outreach discussion:

  • Rama: Its difficult to find time.
  • Harold: Need to pick the right conferences
  • Rama: Suzi has been talking to JGI, they use the InterPro2GO mapping but don't currently contribute annotation to GOC
  • Michele: Oakridge also work on bacterial genomes
  • Jen: Jane will be mapping IMG to GO sometime in the future(she has backlog of 7 mappings to do..needs help). IMG system developed by JGI. This is a system of nomenclature for bacterial processes which Jane will attempt to map to GO, they are mostly protein subunits so mostly cannot be mapped.
  • Rama: There has just been a structural jamboree at a fungal genetic meeting which was 1 hour away from Stanford. There was a gene model annotation GO workshop.
  • Michele: Regarding JGI again, they may have eukaryotic genome staff but they do not have many staff working on prokaryotic genome.
  • Harold: They have 16,000 annotations
  • Rama: Suzi is the GO contact person for JGI.
  • ACTION: Jen to send contact list that she has in her database, Jen will try and make her database accessible to all outreach working group members


  • Evelyn:' The point of doing outreach is make more people aware so that they might to embrace and start annnotating to GO. But we are trying to improve not just the depth of annotations but also the breadth. I want to make the point that sometimes time spent on creating new 2GO mappings such as the subcellular location 2 GO mapping and UniPathway to GO mappings being worked on in GOA will have the greatest impact on the GOC. Collaborating with groups such as SIB, MESH to create useful mappings is also outreach in my eyes.
  • Jen: Agreed, perhaps we could all add our priorities to the wiki and then we can organise them at the next meeting.

Jen Perhaps number of successful mappings and annotations resulting from these could be included in metrics.

  • ACTION: Everyone consider how they prioritise annotation outreach.
  • Harold: I sent Fiona a dog annotation contact group: Mark Neff
  • Evelyn: I'd be interested to see that contact too, can you send it on
  • Harold: Yes.

Some discussion followed on and it was decided that Fiona McCarthy who does alot of farm animal outreach should be a part of the outreach working group if she has time.


  • Michele: Are the flow charts meant to be generic or db specific?

ALL: agreed that they should be as generic as possible

  • Evelyn: Need more time to work on electronic one with Harold
  • Harold: Sent pipeline to Ev and included on wiki
  • Evelyn: How specific should they be?
  • Harold: We need to ignore evidence codes and qualifiers at this time.
  • Evelyn: agreed, Jen can limit evidence code info from her manual flowchart and discuss with evidence code WG who have members in outreach group
  • Michele: I'll add ISS comments to Pascales doc
  • Evelyn: I assume that all flow charts could be eventually joined up by one person.
  • Jen: Would we use powerpoint or illustrator?
  • ALL: Agreed that we could use powerpoint and that Jen could put them all together at the end using illustrator

ACTION: Jen, at some stage merge flowcharts using Illustrator

  • Evelyn: Mentioned to Jen earlier in the week that Cath's EBI flyer about GO could be used again for the GO web we only have to expand on how to annotate.
  • Jen: cath is very busy at the moment but I will circulate a copy.
  • Rama: In flow charts remove reference to oracle db suggest also Excel spreadsheet
  • Evelyn: Yes will do that
  • Rama: we can annotate to gene model, gene or protein

(decided mentioning db object too specific)

  • ACTION: Jen circulate a copy of GO EBI flyer.
  • Rama: Could we use an alternative communication technique to the phone, e.g. chat via obo-edit?
  • Jen: Would like to stick to phone for the moment.


  • Harold: Could add number of new organisms with GO?
  • Evelyn: yes, we increase by a large number of taxa each year, also GOA provide over 400 * species specific proteome sets
  • Jen: Will create a new wiki page????

List of action items

ACTION: Jen to send contact list that she has in her database, Jen will try and make her database accessible to all outreach working group members

ACTION: Everyone create there flowcharts for 2 weeks time

ACTION: Everyone consider how they prioritise annotation outreach.

ACTION : Jen to contact Fiona again.

ACTION: Jen, at some stage merge flowcharts using Illustrator

ACTION: Jen circulate a copy of GO EBI flyer.

Jen: Will create a new wiki page????