Annotation outreach group meeting 18th May 2007

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Minutes from the Annotation outreach conference call held on 18th May, 2007

Present: Rama, Michelle, Pascale, Harold

We discussed the top level flow chart. The goal of this flowchart is to help beginners figure out what they need and what they should look for to start making GO annotations. We discussed the flowchart that Rama had sent to the group sometime back (also posted on the wiki).

-we all agreed that the flow chart is very big, has lots of yes's and no's, can be intimidating and has to be split. Since getting a protein/gene ID is a critical step, we decided we need to provide more information on this.

Pascale suggested that we split the flowchart into three main steps:

1. How to get sequence/protein ID for your gene calls (this will also have a pointer on how to make gene calls)
2. How to make GO annotations
3. How to provide/sumit the annotations to the GOC

Each of these steps can be a separate flow chart.

Pascale will take a stab at reorganizing the flow chart to highlight these three steps. She will send it around by email.

We will meet on 25th or the following Friday depending on how our email discussion goes.