April 2007 Monthly Report

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Fungal Genetics Meeting

Maria Costanzo, Karen Christie, and Rama Balakrishnan (SGD staff)
Short GO workshop
March 23rd - Fungal Genetics Meeting
Asilomar, CA

  • Attended by about 30-35 people, and well received.
  • Many new fungal genomes being sequenced, some of them are ready to start annotating using GO.
  • Questions from the audience throughout the workshop, and more afterwards on various aspects of GO and how it related to fungal genomes.
  • Talks organized to give a big picture of GO in the context of overall genome annotation.
  • Summarized how to go from raw sequence to making structural annotations, to making GO annotations for the gene or gene product.
  • Brett Tyler (PAMGO) presented a couple of slides on how their group worked with GO to develop new GO terms for host-pathogen interactions. Slides emphasized community involvement in GO development.
  • We mentioned shortcomings in secondary metabolism term development and that we will be happy to work with the community to develop that part of the ontology.


The first flowchart has been made available online: