August2010 Annotation Advocacy Report

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Proposal to Merge Mailing lists

The merging of the mailing lists into [GO-discuss] happened on 20th August

Making Progress with updating Documentation


Hard QC checks

Email summarizing the new Annotation QC checks was sent out 9th August.

Transcription overhaul

Conference call to discuss transcription related ontology changes is planned for 17th September.

M. tuberculosis annotations

Manual annotations for M. tuberculosis were sent to GOA for possible integration into their database. There are approx. 6000 annotations of which ~3000 are from high-throughput papers. Rama and Rachael checked many of the annotations which were of high-quality. After discussion with the GO managers it was decided that they were appropriate for inclusion into the GOA database. The annotations will be released as part of GOA's September release.