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Internal cross-products are those cross-products (i.e. logical definitions) that reference only classes within the GO.


  • nucleotide-excision repair complex (CC*BP)
  • ribonuclease MRP complex (CC*BP)
  • T cell activation during immune response (BP*BP)
  • negative regulation of X (BP*BP) -- see Category:Regulation


  • heart development (refers to a term from an AO)
  • T cell activation (refers to a term from CL)

Note that T cell activation during immune response counts as internal, as it can be immediately defined purely in terms of BPs (T-cell activation and immune response). It is also an example of a nested logical definition, as the genus component of the definition can be defined using external classes (CL)

Using the internal xps

You can use each internal xp file individually (see list below)

Alternatively, you can use the go_xp_internal-imports file in the scratch/xps dir. This contains links to each individual XP file.

Summary Table

dynamic spatial
biological_process molecular_function cellular_component
biological_process go_xp_regulationbiological_process_xp_self IN biological_process_xp_cellular_component occurs_in IN
molecular_function molecular_function_xp_regulators IN molecular_function_xp_regulators IN
cellular_component cellular_component_xp_go TODO cellular_component_xp_go TODO cellular_component_xp_self part_of IN