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Overview and Scope of Use

  • The 'constitutively upstream of' relation is used to relate GO Biological Processes (BP) and/or GO Molecular Functions (MF) when:
    • The mechanism that relates the upstream event (MF or BP) to the downstream event (MF or BP) is understood
    • The activities in the upstream event occur before events in the downstream event
    • The upstream event is required for the execution of the downstream event
    • The execution of the upstream event is approximately constant

Annotation Usage Guidelines

  • Standard Annotation (This relation should not be used for conventional annotation)
    • Guidelines
      • What to capture
      • What not to capture
    • Examples
  • GO-CAM
    • Guidelines
      • What to capture
        • This relation should be used when the nature of the activity of two gene products is understood and the first activity occurs relatively constantly and has a direct effect on the second activity. Examples of this would be enzymes that are needed for processing or maturation of a downstream enzyme or receptor, but do not have a direct effect on the receptor and are considered to be 'housekeeping' functions.
      • What not to capture
        • This relation should not be used to capture upstream activities that occur before a downstream activity, but aren't necessary for the downstream activity to occur.
    • Examples
      • PDI-6 encodes a protein disulfide isomerase that is required for proper folding of the receptor EGL-20. We understand what PDI-6 does, it is constitutive and if its activity is absent, EGL-20 is misfolded, degraded and cannot function. Link to reference
      • Zdhhc9 post-translationally modifies Nras with a palmitoyl group, resulting in its membrane association. The membrane association of an oncogenic form of NRAS that has low GTPase activity is required for its oncogenic (signaling) activity. Inhibiting the activity of Zdhhc9 decreases palmitoylation and the biological activity of oncogenic Nras. Link to reference

Quality Control Checks


  • Annotations can be validated using a Shape Expressions (ShEx) representation of allowed relations between ontology terms.

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