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Usage guidelines

What to capture

  • The enables relation is used to relate a gene product to a GO Molecular Function. A gene product enables a Molecular function if it can perform the reaction on its own. The enables relation can be used for members of complexes if the activity is mediated by that gene products and other subunits are accessory.
  • 'enables' is considered the default relation between a gene or gene product and a Molecular Function.

What not to capture

  • Only gene products that mediate a Molecular Function should be annotated with the enables relation.
  • Accessory subunits should not be annotated to a Molecular Function in which they do not directly participate. These can usually be assigned other activities such as GO:0060090 molecular adaptor activity or GO:0098772 molecular function regulator activity
  • See Contributes_to documentation for activities mediated by multiple gene products.

Usage examples for the enables relation

  • MAPK1 enables protein kinase activity. This indicates that the MAPK1 gene product executes the protein kinase activity.

Relations Ontology


Review Status

Last reviewed: May 11, 2018

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